Choosing a new garage door opener
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Choosing a new garage door opener

The following are links to different manufacturers’ web sites to help you decide what type of opener and accessories you are interested in. We are an independent dealer/installer company that has access to many different products. Use these links to help you decide what you are looking for. 

Write down the brand, model, and call us or send us an e-mail for a quote. If you find another brand or product that you are interested in from another source, send us the information and we will help you get it or find another product with the same features. 

If you have trouble understanding the options don’t worry. We can help you sort through it!

Chamberlain – LiftMaster has a great variety of products too! They range from large commercial units to specialty residential products. The LiftMaster 3800 Jackshaft opener is also one of our favorites. This unit offers great service for special applications for residents as well as some commercial needs.

Click on the LiftMaster Icon below to see other products they offer.

The following photos represent some of work we can provide in customized siding, sofit, and facia.

Auto manufactures have installed remote transmitters in some of their vehicles. Most of them are made by the companies Homelink or Lear Car2U. Find out which system is in your vehicle and follow the links below to get instructions on how to program them yourself. It can become complicated on some models and impossible on others. Call us with the information on your vehicle(s) and we will be happy to offer that service.

Note: We offer to program your automobiles as a “free service” for up to two cars when you purchase a new opener motor from us. However, since we are not always be sure your car remote is activated or compatible with your motor purchase, you may have to get your auto dealer to furnish this service or buy addtional decoders to make it all work.

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